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Update: 07/20/2017

Dominic Keating's next convention appearance and other important dates will appear here:

April 2017

New movie with Dominic Keating in the main role will be shot in UK: "Once Upon A Time in London" - Dominic Keating plays the main role of the"Belgian Johnny"
More information:

August 2-6, 2017

convention appearance of Dominic Keating - The Official Star Trek 2017 Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
More information:

August 27, 2017

convention appearance of Dominic Keating - Trek Fan Fest 2017,Cardiff Wales, UK
More information: Dominic Keating Fanblog

Premiere and releases of movies/interviews/articles 2016 /2017:

June 2, 2016 in France:

TV premiere of the movie "A Killer Walks Amongst Us" (working title: "Knowing" with Dominic Keating as "Dobsyn", shot in 2015
Trailer with Dominic Keating: - Trailer: "A Killer Walks Amongst Us"

August 30, 2016:

release of the video game: "World of Warcraft: Legion" with Domminic Keating, voicing additional characters.
Further information Dominic Keating latest project: voice over acting in the videogame "World of Warcraft: Legion"

September 7, 2016:

Release of the giant science-fiction/comedy movie "Unbelievable!!!!!" with Dominic Keating as "Paramedic Hacky" in USA
More details to Dominic Keatin in this movie: - Dominic Keating in Unbelievable!!!!!

February 02, 2017:

phone interview with Dominic Keating - 30:31 minutes with interesting and honest answers - & with questions by fans
Here you can hear the podcast interview: - Dominic Keating Podcast Interview with the UFP
Here you can read the written interview: - Dominic Keating Written Interview with the UFP

February 14, 2017:

Release of “Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Series” Blu-ray box - 24 discs
Here you can order it: Blu-ray box “Star Trek Enterprise – The Complete Series”

March 7, 2017:

Dominic Keating is narrator of Ann Claycomb's "The Mermaid's Daughter" for Harper Collins
More details with wonderful photos of Dominic Keating: - DeyanAudio

June 7, 2017:

A brandnew interview "SPIT AND POLISH" with the fantastic Dominic Keating: in Star Trek Titan Magazine #61 Further information Dominic Keating official fan blog"

probable in July 2017

Dominic Keating is as Lieutenant Malcolm Reed on the cover of the upcoming Official Star Trek Magazine - and I think there will be also an article about him in this magazine.
More details and links:  Dominic Keating Fanblog Post

Dominic Keating's Twitter profile: idomknow
Dominic Keating's Instagram profile: idomknow
Dominic Keating's Demo Reel Video on


Movies - Series - Short Films

TV movies

Character Name of the TV movie also known as (aka) Genre Year
Marc (uncredited) Glory Days Shake, Rattle and Rock drama, music 1994
Andre Sunset Bar comedy 2012


Character Name of the film Details Genre Year
Ian Finch-Chumley Jungle 2 Jungle comedy, family 1997
Chris Folle d'elle Dominic Keating acts, but it's not his voice comedy 1998
Lewis Rugglesworth The Auteur Theory comedy, mystery, thriller 1999
Steve (starring role) The Hollywood Sign comedy, crime 2001
Owen (starring role) movie version (exists also as TV-series version) drama, romance 2003
Francis Fenway (starring role) Hollywood Kills horror, thriller 2006
Forbes Maguire (starring role) Species: The Awakening (aka: Species IV: The Awakening) role as an Australian scientist horror, science-fiction, thriller 2006
Cain Beowulf Animated version of Beowulf animation, action, adventure 2007
Nicholas De Boer (starring role) Certifiably Jonathan documentary, comedy 2007
Ninong (starring role) Ninong action, drama 2009
Thorpe Holmes (starring role) Sherlock Holmes role as the brother of Sherlock Holmes fantasy, mystery, science-fiction 2010
Merlin / Dragon's Voice / Narrator The One Warrior vocal acting and performance action, fantasy 2011
Paramedic Hacky Unbelievable!!!!!
comedy, science-fiction Premiere USA: Sept. 7th, 2016
Dobsyn A Killer Walks Amongst Us (working title: "Knowing")
a murder mystery / drama shot October / November 2015 / release 2016

TV series

Character Name of the TV series Genre Episode (Season x Episode) Year
Jimmy The Paradise Club crime Crack in the Mirror (01x04) 1989
Tony (starring role) Desmond's comedy Expansion Plans (01x03) 1989
Hello Aunty Susu (01x04) 1989
Sad News (01x06) 1989
The Treatment (02x01) 1990
Old De Front Page (02x02) 1990
Old De Front Page Again (02x03) 1990
A Microwave, Five Men and a Nappy (02x05) 1990
Porkpies (02x07) 1990
For Love or Money (02x08) 1990
Here Comes De Sun (02x10) 1990
Kung You (02x11) 1990
Aunt Susu (02x12) 1990
The Head Hunter (03x01) 1991
The Peckham Pimpernel (03x02) 1991
A Day in the Life (03x03) 1991
Smokeless Fuming (03x04) 1991
Vanity Merchants (03x06) 1991
Daydreams (03x09) 1991
Dobbin (03x10) 1992
The Prodigal (03x11) 1992
Flats, Lies and Videotape (04x02) 1992
Growing Pains (04x03) 1992
Calypso (04x05) 1992
Susu Again (04x08) 1992
Art Attack (04x10) 1992
Go with the Flo (04x11) 1992
My Two Sons (04x12) 1992
A Class Act (05x01) 1993
Shimmer and Shine (05x02) 1993
Halcyon Days (05x03) 1993
Lollipop Man (05x04) 1993
Pardnership (05x05) 1993
Love Match (05x07) 1993
Coughes and Sneezes (05x08) 1993
Two Lads and a Lady (05x10) 1993
A Matter of Life and Death (05x12) 1993
Greg (guest star appearance) The Bill crime, drama Live and Death (05x06) 1989
Friend 2 (guest star appearance) You'll Be Back (05x41) 1989
Patrick Litton (guest star appearance) Old Wounds (06x96) 1990
Andrew Jensen (guest star appearance) Party Politics (08x29) 1992
Ian Tilsley (guest star appearance) Casualty drama Remembrance (05x11) 1990
Murray Stone (guest star appearance) Inspector Morse crime, drama, mystery Dead on Time (06x01) 1992
Tony St. Michael (recurring character) Teenage Health Freak comedy, drama Episode #2.1 (02x01) 1993
Episode #2.2 (02x02)
Episode #2.3 (02x03)
Episode #2.4 (02x04)
Episode #2.5 (02x05)
Episode #2.6 (02x06)
Marc Rebell Highway drama Shake, Rattle and Shock (01x06) 1994
Mark Barnes (guest star appearance) Love Street drama, romance Second Chance (02x04) 1996
Bryan / Jason Crenshaw (guest star appearance) Poltergeist: The Legacy horror, science-fiction Father to Son (03x05) 1998
Blair (guest star appearance) Buffy the Vampire Slayer action, drama, fantasy Helpless (03x12) 1999
Tomak Walenski (guest star appearances) G vs E (aka: Good vs Evil) action, comedy, science-fiction Orange Volvo (pilot) (01x01) 1999
Sergei Draskovic (guest star appearance) Immigrant Evil (02x03) 2000
Mallos (starring role) The Immortal action, horror, thriller Demons of the Night: Part 1 (Pilot) (01x01) 2000
Demons of the Night: Part 2 (Pilot) (01x02) 2000
The Asylum (01x12) 2001
Reckoning: Part 1 (01x20) 2001
Reckoning: Part 2 (01x21) 2001
Kiyomi (Finale) (01x22) 2001
Dr. Harlan Edens (guest star appearance) Special Unit 2 drama, action, comedy The Wraps (01x03) 2001
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (starring role in every episode) Enterprise (aka: Star Trek: Enterprise) science-fiction, action, adventure, drama Broken Bow: Part 1 (01x01) 2001
Broken Bow: Part 2 (01x02)
Fight or Flight (01x03)
Strange New World (01x04)
Unexpected (01x05)
Terra Nova (01x06)
The Andorian Incident (01x07)
Breaking the Ice (01x08)
Civilization (01x09)
Fortunate Son (01x10)
Cold Front (01x11)
Silent Enemy (01x12) 2002
Dear Doctor (01x13)
Sleeping Dogs (01x14)
Shadows of P'Jem (01x15)
Shuttlepod One (01x16)
Fusion (01x17)
Rogue Planet (01x18)
Acquisition (01x19)
Oasis (01x20)
Detained (01x21)
Vox Sola (01x22)
Fallen Hero (01x23)
Desert Crossing (01x24)
Two Days and Two Nights (01x25)
Shockwave: Part 1 (01x26)
Shockwave: Part 2 (02x01)
Carbon Creek (02x02)
Minefield (02x03)
Dead Stop (02x04)
A Night in Sickbay (02x05)
Marauders (02x06)
The Seventh (02x07)
The Communicator (02x08)
Singularity (02x09)
Vanishing Point (02x10)
Precious Cargo (02x11)
The Catwalk (02x12)
Dawn (02x13) 2003
Stigma (02x14)
Cease Fire (02x15)
Future Tense (02x16)
Canamar (02x17)
The Crossing (02x18)
Judgement (02x19)
Horizon (02x20)
The Breach (02x21)
Cogenitor (02x22)
Regeneration (02x23)
First Flight (02x24)
Bounty (02x25)
The Expanse (02x26)
The Xindi (03x01)
Anomaly (03x02)
Extinction (03x03)
Rajin (03x04)
Impulse (03x05)
Exile (03x06)
The Shipment (03x07)
Twilight (03x08)
North Star (03x09)
Similitude (03x10)
Carpenter Street (03x11)
Chosen Realm (03x12) 2004
Proving Ground (03x13)
Stratagem (03x14)
Harbinger (03x15)
Doctor's Orders (03x16)
Hatchery (03x17)
Azati Prime (03x18)
Damage (03x19)
The Forgotten (03x20)
E2 (03x21)
The Council (03x22)
Countdown (03x23)
Zero Hour (03x24)
Storm Front: Part 1 (04x01)
Storm Front: Part 2 (04x02)
Home (04x03)
Borderland (04x04)
Cold Station 12 (04x05)
The Augments (04x06)
The Forge (04x07)
Awakening (04x08)
Kir'Shara (04x09)
Daedalus (04x10) 2005
Observer Effect (04x11)
Babel One (04x12)
United (04x13)
The Aenar (04x14)
Affliction (04x15)
Divergence (04x16)
Bound (04x17)
In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 1 (04x18)
In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2 (04x19)
Demons (04x20)
Terra Prime (04x21)
These Are the Voyages... (04x22)
Owen (starring role) drama Love in the Light (01x01) 2002
Love Is a Gift (01x03)
Love Is... (01x04)
Cover Me Girls (01x05)
Gypsy Love (01x08)
Naked Golf (01x09)
Barcelona Bologna (01x11)
Viking on Camel (01x12)
Anthony Denvy (guest star appearance) Las Vegas crime, drama Bait and Switch (03x12) 2006
Will (guest star appearance) Heroes drama, fantasy, science-fiction Chapter One 'Four Months Later...' (02x01) 2007
Chapter Two 'Lizards' (02x02)
Chapter Three 'Kindred' (02x03)
Chapter Five 'Fight or Flight' (02x05)
Andrew Tyge (guest star appearance) Prison Break action, crime, drama Interference (03x05) 2007
Photo Finish (03x06)
Ollie Lake (guest star appearance) Holby City drama Love Will Tear Us Apart (10x25) 2008
Rufus Knox (guest star appearance) CSY: NY action, crime, drama Uncertainty Rules (06x16) 2010
Luther Barkwill (guest star appearance) Sons of Anarchy crime, drama, thriller Lochan Mor (03x08) 2010
Turas (03x09)
Bob Dixon (guest star appearance) Breakout Kings crime, drama, thriller Double Down (02x03) 2011

Short Films

Character Name of the short film video links to scenes with Dominic Keating Genre Year
Coach The Attackmen - The Attackmen short, drama 2007
Detective Pitchman (starring role) Plugged - Plugged short, drama 2007

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