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Update: 07/20/2017

Dominic Keating's next convention appearance and other important dates will appear here:

April 2017

New movie with Dominic Keating in the main role will be shot in UK: "Once Upon A Time in London" - Dominic Keating plays the main role of the"Belgian Johnny"
More information:

August 2-6, 2017

convention appearance of Dominic Keating - The Official Star Trek 2017 Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
More information:

August 27, 2017

convention appearance of Dominic Keating - Trek Fan Fest 2017,Cardiff Wales, UK
More information: Dominic Keating Fanblog

Premiere and releases of movies/interviews/articles 2016 /2017:

June 2, 2016 in France:

TV premiere of the movie "A Killer Walks Amongst Us" (working title: "Knowing" with Dominic Keating as "Dobsyn", shot in 2015
Trailer with Dominic Keating: - Trailer: "A Killer Walks Amongst Us"

August 30, 2016:

release of the video game: "World of Warcraft: Legion" with Domminic Keating, voicing additional characters.
Further information Dominic Keating latest project: voice over acting in the videogame "World of Warcraft: Legion"

September 7, 2016:

Release of the giant science-fiction/comedy movie "Unbelievable!!!!!" with Dominic Keating as "Paramedic Hacky" in USA
More details to Dominic Keatin in this movie: - Dominic Keating in Unbelievable!!!!!

February 02, 2017:

phone interview with Dominic Keating - 30:31 minutes with interesting and honest answers - & with questions by fans
Here you can hear the podcast interview: - Dominic Keating Podcast Interview with the UFP
Here you can read the written interview: - Dominic Keating Written Interview with the UFP

February 14, 2017:

Release of “Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Series” Blu-ray box - 24 discs
Here you can order it: Blu-ray box “Star Trek Enterprise – The Complete Series”

March 7, 2017:

Dominic Keating is narrator of Ann Claycomb's "The Mermaid's Daughter" for Harper Collins
More details with wonderful photos of Dominic Keating: - DeyanAudio

June 7, 2017:

A brandnew interview "SPIT AND POLISH" with the fantastic Dominic Keating: in Star Trek Titan Magazine #61 Further information Dominic Keating official fan blog"

probable in July 2017

Dominic Keating is as Lieutenant Malcolm Reed on the cover of the upcoming Official Star Trek Magazine - and I think there will be also an article about him in this magazine.
More details and links:  Dominic Keating Fanblog Post

Dominic Keating's Twitter profile: idomknow
Dominic Keating's Instagram profile: idomknow
Dominic Keating's Demo Reel Video on


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Report about Dominic Keating: a lovely, cordial, entertaining and energetic actor at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas 2016

The Star Trek conventions celebrate something very special this year:

the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, starting with the original TV series (TOS) "Star Trek" in the year 1966


"Gene Roddenberry's vision for a better humanity and future, known throughout the galaxy as Star Trek"
(source: - Dominic Keating about Trump)

The Creation Entertainment's Official STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Convention, that took place from Wednesday till Sunday (August 3-7, 2016) in Las Vegas, is the largest convention about Star Trek in the world.

So, Dominic Keating, who performed Lieutenant Malcolm Reed as a main part of the Enterprise crew in the TV-series "Star Trek: Enterprise", must not be absent! Dominic Keating with his charm, tireless power, kindness and contagious happiness is a popular star and is / was therefore invited to appear at many different conventions.

A huge thank-you to the organizers for inviting him and to Dominic Keating for all he did and does for us fans and friend of him and Star Trek.

Some fans of our Dominic asked me to write a report - as detailed and as accurately as possible. Thank you very much all for your requests. :-) I'll do my best.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - Dominic's Day

Wednesday was "Dominic's Day". The panel "A Look At Enterprise" including Dominic Keating took place as well as the photo-ops with him and together with his friend Connor Trinneer.

Sorry, I could not be there on this day as I only arrived at Thursday night. So I can just report what I heard or read from the other Trekkies.

Panel including Dominic Keating: "A Look At Enterprise" (3:00 pm)

The panel with Dominic Keating was the first one at this con as well as the panel at the German FedCon this May. I think the organizers and the fans know that Dominic Keating ensure a great mood!

This panel included the following great and humorous Star Trek stars: Connor Trinneer, John Billingsley, Gary Graham and of course Dominic Keating.

This panel is described to be very humorous, laugh-filled, relaxed and entertaining:
"These actors delivered a lively session! In the midst of a lot of laughter and reminiscing."
(source: - Star Trek 50 Day 1)

It was talked about topics like
  • how the friendship between Dominic Keating and John Billingsley started,
  • funny facts about the secrecy in the new "Star Trek: Enterprise" series and their roles there,
  • how 9/11 influenced "Star Trek: Enterprise",
  • their disappointments in the finale of the series,
  • the fantastic dedication of Scott Bakula to "Star Trek: Enterprise" as well as
  • hopes to get any role in the new Star Trek series

One of Dominic Keating's interesting and honest statements was:
"I'm so not an Internet person, but back then I did read what those chat boards said." (source: - Fans Celebrate 50 Years at Star Trek Las Vegas)

Dominic Keating was asked: "What would Gene Roddenberry have thought of Enterprise?"

Dominic Keating's reply:
"Not enough chiffon-covered ladies." (source: - Tweet by @rhaegal)
"Dominic Keating, saluting Gene Roddenberry, says TOS' chiffon-clad ladies were his first foray into erotica. #STLV50" (source: - Tweet by @jhoffman)

The panel video of Dominic Keating's panel

"This is the Enterprise panel at the 2016 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, NV. It includes Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker), Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed), John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox) and Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval)."

source and video: - Enterprise Panel at the 2016 Star Trek Convention

Wonderful photos of Dominic Keating in this panel

A humorous atmosphere during the first panel and Dominic Keating sitting on the couch: - Photo 1 Panel Dominic Keating

Larger format of Dominic Keating: - Photo 2 Panel Dominic Keating

"Actors Connor Trinneer (L) watches Dominic Keating dance during the 'A Look at Enterprise' panel": - Photo 3 Panel Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating with his fantastic smile: - Photo 4 Panel Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating had fun at this panel: - Photo 5 Panel Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating talking into his microphone telling a funny story: - Photo 6 Panel Dominic Keating

"#StarTrek: Enterprise stars John Billingsley, Gary Graham, @ConnorTrinneer & Dominic Keating on stage at #STLV50."
(Source and photo: - Photo 7 Panel Dominic Keating (Tweet by @TrekNewsNet))

Dominic Keating's beautiful smile: - Photo 8 Panel Dominic Keating (Tweet by @StarTrek)

Dominic Keating giving autographs and private photos all 5 days of the con

I admire not only Dominic Keating's performance talents - I also admire his endless energy and happiness. He really sat 5 long days in the Vendor's Room of this Las Vegas Star Trek convention and talked to fans, friends and Trekkies, gave them private photographs, signed their items or photos - with his happiness, joy, warmth and indefatigability. And only 5 days later he sits 3 days at his table at another Star Trek again - waiting for his visitors. RESPECT!

Some of you wanted to hear about all details. Here is one: In the morning of the last day of the convention, I feel a draft at my right side when I walked the long corridor to the convention. It was Dominic Keating overtaking me and hurrying to his place in the Vendor's Room, blowing a kiss to a group of people (he probably talked to last night in the bar), laughing and hurrying again. Later I met him at the convention at the door of the Vendor's Room - he had a cup of hot coffee and greeted every person who looked at him. My "Hi, Dominic" was also responded by him with "Hi, Gabi" and a smile. I must admit that it is a really good feeling to be greeted by such a cordial, talented and popular star!

Here is a short video (with sound) where you can see the attractive Dominic sitting at his table in the vendors room waiting for his fans: - Tweet by @max_lobar

A fan photo with Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer in the Vendor's Room: - Fan Photo 1 Dominic Keating

Another wonderful fan photo with Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer in the Vendor's room: - Fan Photo 2 Dominic Keating

Ready for another great fan photo with Dominic Keating: - Fan Photo 3 Dominic Keating

"My fav con boys! Come see us in the vendor's room! #Stlv50 #StarTrek #Enterprise @ConnorTrinneer"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @Nikki_deboer)

Klingon Karaoke on Thursday - Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer rocked this event

First (about 1 hour) the Klingons J.G. Hertzler (Martok from "Star Trek: Deep Space 9") and Bob O'Reilly (Gowron from "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation") entertain the audience with humorous clothes mixture, playing the air guitar, telling stories and acting. The guests singing karaoke and acting on the stage are more than brilliant. The mood is very joyful, most of the audience sits in her or his chair and about ten Trekkies dance in front of the stage on the left side.

But then:
"Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating (Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reed, Enterprise) have stormed the stage, beers in hand, and are helping the audience to belt out the tunes. I think it's going to be a long night...."
(source: - Star Trek 50 Day 2)

I was there too - not until the very end but some hours. When Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer suddenly entered the stage, so many Trekkies came in front of the stage, holding their smartphones up and took one photo after another. A great singer just sang "Susie Q" on the stage and Dominic Keating started his hot dance performance. After a minute, he jumped down from the stage into the shouting crowd. Connor Trinneer entertained the other Trekkies who could not see Dominic Keating anymore (like me) with a supporting singing performance. From one second to another - a huge power and enthusiasm filled this theatre, heated up by the team Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer.

Dominic Keating always invited the audience to clap their hands, to dance and to be cheerful... and he succeeded. One of the wonderful Trekkie-singers sang the theme song of "Star Trek: Enterprise". In a moment of enthusiasm, Dominic Keating dances on a table in the background. I think the Chippendales, who have their show in this Rio Hotel, didn't stand a chance against these hot actors. ;-)

After finishing this song, Dominic Keating presents his very own version of the "Star Trek: Enterprise" theme song. I just was going to leave the room (sorry, jetlag problems) but I came back when I heard him singing this song.

The election campaign was a recurring topic at this con at many events, especially because Star Trek has to do with a vision. This vision includes the humanity, tolerance and equality for the future of the world and the galaxy. I admire it how honest the right of freedom of opinion is practiced in the USA. It's a high achievement in the democracy. Also Dominic Keating said his statement about how he thinks about Donald Trump. After Prince's popular song "Purple Rain", Dominic Keating told the audience: "And what ever you do, don't vote for Donald Trump!" He got a "huge roar of cheers and approval" for his statement.
(source: - What Dominic Keating thinks about Trump

The next day, Dominic Keating told that it was half past one in the night when he went to bed.

Video of the Klingon Karaoke event with Dominic Keating dancing on the table - Klingon Karaoke

Photos of and comments to the hot Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer on the Klingon Karaoke Stage

"Highlights: JG Hertzler playing air guitar, @DominicKeating dancing on a table, and @ConnorTrinneer running away from some Klingons #STLV50"
(source: - Tweet by @Just_Geffen)

"Goodnight #STLV50 I'm heading to bed as the raucous sounds of "I'm as cold as Ice" ring out @ConnorTrinneer & Dominic Keating own the stage"
(source: - Tweet 1 by @Gecko_OTT)

"@ConnorTrinneer @DominicKeating rocking out @STLV50 @CreationEnt #STLV50"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @TrekkieGirls

"Dominic Keating & @ConnorTrinneer take over the Karaoke stage at #STLV50"
(source and photo: - Tweet 2 by @Gecko_OTT

"Okay, and now we have Dominic Keating and Conner Trinneer up there! #klingonKaraoke #STLV50"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @On2Mars_Kayla)

"It's #DominicKeating and #ConnorTrinneer at Klingon Karaoke !! #STLV50 #fb"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @wench25

"Connor Trineer, Dominic Keating and Chris Doohan are killing it #STLV50"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @EyesSkyward)

Dominic talking to the Trekkies: - Klingon Karaoke Stage Photo 1

Photo of Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer of the Karaoke stage: - Klingon Karaoke Stage Photo 2

Great atmosphere during the Klingon Karaoke event with Dominic Keating: - Klingon Karaoke Stage Photo 3

"#STLV #STLV50 #karaoke with #connortrinneer and #dominickeating what an awesome time!"
(source and photo: - Tweet by @TreKaren)

"A little Klingon Karaoke with some guys from Enterprise. #stlv50"
(source and photo: - Klingon Karaoke Stage Photo 4

Dominic Keating is always close to all of his fans

On Friday, the 5th of August 2016, our cordial Dominic Keating would like to celebrate the anniversary of 50 years Star Trek with ALL of his fans: with the ones he met at the con AND the ones that couldn't attend.

So he chose a photo of himself as Lieutenant Malcolm Reed in "Star Trek: Enterprise" and wrote a touching message to each and everyone of YOU on it, as we can see on the right.

And he wanted me to take a photo of him with his message to you and to share it with everyone of you!

My daughter took this photo from Dominic Keating because she has the better smartphone - and I hold his glasses during the shot! ;-)

So, here's YOUR PERSONAL photo from Dominic Keating!

Dominic Keating was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with his fans at the con - photo: - Dominic Keating is celebrating

The reunion of the beloved Star Trek: Enterprise brothers at this Star Trek convention

Here are some beautiful photos with Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer), Dominic Keating (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed), Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Travis Mayweather) and Connor Trinneer (Commander Charles Trip Tucker III): - Reunion ST Brothers 1 - Reunion ST Brothers 2 - Reunion ST Brothers 3 (Tweet by @MrAMontgomery)

"Ran into theses rogues in the hallway... #ConnorTrinneer @MrAMontgomery #DominicKeating #STLV50"
(source and photo: - Reunion ST Brothers 4 (Tweet by @levarburton)

Dominic Keating's own photos taken at this convention

During this huge convention, Dominic Keating took some photos and published them on his Instagram-account: - @idomknow

"Taking a break from....well, not from much,really!" - - Photo 1

"My new family! 😊" - - Photo 2

Our Dominic Keating and @ConnorTrinneer met the Gorn - and became friends - of course! ;-) Who does not love Dominic? - Photo 3

"Good to be the King😉🚀" - - Photo 4

More Fan Kudos to Dominic Keating

A fan was asked by an reporter at this convention: "What's the coolest thing you've ever seen at a convention?"
He / she answered: "Karl Urban, Dominic [Keating], and Connor [Trinneer]."
(source: - More Fan Kudos to Dominic Keating Part 1)
"Had dinner with 3 great #startrek actors on Thursday! Major props to Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, and Nicole de Boer for being such cool and nice people! I worked on the Paramount lot in 2001 when Connor and Dominic were filming #Enterprise and it was fun to reminisce with them. #st50 #tacos #scifi #sciencefiction #geekyfu"
(source and photo: - More Fan Kudos to Dominic Keating Part 2

"Fun recording w/ Dominic Keating & @ConnorTrinneer for #ENGAGEpod. Always wanted to hang w Trip & Malcolm! #stlv50"
(source and photo: - More Fan Kudos to Dominic Keating Part 3 (Tweet by @jhoffman)

"Just saw Dominic Keating ride by on the back of someones motor wheelchair going "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" cons are wild #stlv"
(source: - Story about Dominic Keating at the convention (Tweet by @BonecrusherJenk))

Me about Dominic Keating

I got to known Dominic Keating as a honest, warm-hearted, extrovert, charming man and highly talented actor as well as entertainer. He is uncomplicated and in no case arrogant or detached.

After I was a little bit too cowardly to talk to Dominic Keating in May at the FedCon when he sat in the entrance hall (although I stand only 1.5 meters away from him), I wanted to talk a little bit to him this time. So I orbited his booth once after I've found him in the Vendor's Room in Las Vegas and then I went to him and introduced myself. I noticed once more that it is a difference to write to a person and to watch him in films or to meet him personally.

Dominic Keating is very impressive and I reacted a little bit shy - furthermore, English is not my native language (I live in Germany). In addition, I had a little bad conscience that I could not watch his panel, or be at the official photo-op on Wednesday because I had only arrived Thursday night. When I told him both he said something like "I must not be shy but it is not a problem when I am shy". Dominic Keating was very cordial, made it very easy for me to talk to him and I could take a photo with him at the booth. You can see how happy I am on this photo.

The next day, I visited Dominic Keating again and then he came up with the photo for you - his fans.

Dominic Keating is known and beloved for his willingness to talk to his fans, friends and all who want to chat with him not only during the convention but also in the bar at the evening. I planned to take the chance to do this too, but the jetlag (9 hours difference) did not allow me to do that. But I'm sure a lot of Trekkies had taken this chance during these fantastic days and during all the other many conventions he appears at.

I hope this report was interesting for you and satisfies your wishes?! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Yours Gabi

Sources and further information

Post: Schedule is published: Meet our beloved and cordial Dominic Keating the next week in Las Vegas! - Schedule Star Trek Las Vegas - STLV 2016 Day One: Kicking It Off With Enterprise, a Leonard Nimoy Tribute, Guest Stars and More - Star Trek Las Vegas Convention: The 50th Anniversary Celebration - Convention Tickets - Star Trek Las Vegas - Fans Celebrate 50 Years at Star Trek Las Vegas - Star Trek Convention - Dominic Keating about Trump - Star Trek 50 Day 1 - Star Trek 50 Day 2

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